Dean Alpha
Dean Alpha Hora atrás
Bob you left a very big legacy that will live till the end of this world! You are loved and missed worldwide💯 You mentioned @Georgie in the great song but sadly Georgie also passed away this month October 2021 last week😢 R.I.P Georgie🙏🏿 Long live Bob's love, message and spirit 💖
Esther Tchana
Esther Tchana Hora atrás
Formidable, cette chanson !
Raul Mendoza
Raul Mendoza 3 horas atrás
Got keep on moving
Nic 5 horas atrás
Greetings from 🇵🇭 Stay safe and Jahbless 👌
HUNNI MUSTARD 6 horas atrás
mohammed zaidi
mohammed zaidi 6 horas atrás
Ajax Amsterdam 3rd kit 😘😘😘
Rosy kesen
Rosy kesen 8 horas atrás
Bob still works on people heart.....
Chicpareo Pareochic
Chicpareo Pareochic 11 horas atrás
The band is just angelic
Leandro Leonel
Leandro Leonel 12 horas atrás
I Love Bob Marley forever....
Devinder Singh
Devinder Singh 13 horas atrás
Very much.. Love you Bob.. From India.. Ur voice and lyrics.. Legendary..
Timo Goldfuß
Timo Goldfuß 13 horas atrás
Forever Love Bob Marley <3 <3
Devinder Singh
Devinder Singh 15 horas atrás
He is the wonderful Pasenality ever in the history of man kind.. Very few of met with him but everyone miss him.. Even those missed him who born after his death..bob RIP..
rosignole foridole
rosignole foridole 15 horas atrás
I was 10 In 1992 When I Saw Live On TV Rodney King Being Attacked By A Mob Of Police ,Then Watched Them Walk Free From Court Smiling ... In 2019 I Heard A Scream Coming From The Living Room And My Daughter 6 Years Old Was Witnessing George Floyd Being Killed By Police Live On TV , Then She Ask Me If The Policeman Was Coming For Her Too , I Told Her Those Cowards ! Over My Dead Body Then I Played Her This Song Telling Her That She Will Play It To Her Son One Day Like My Dad Played It To Me When Archie Adolfh Was Brutally Tortured And Murdered By A Mob Of Police In 1990 ( The Struggle Continues ) Justice For Emmet Till And Amadou Diallo
Agata33 33
Agata33 33 16 horas atrás
Senza il tuo reg, oggi la musica ,tutta, sarebbe orfana di un genere musicale ,dove tutti attingo , soprattutto chi ha orecchio, per ascoltare in profondità,il reg di bob Marley.
Mike Adeoye
Mike Adeoye 16 horas atrás
Rest in love, Ol' Georgie! Make the log burn thru the night and cook that delicious cornmeal porridge for Bob, Peter Tosh, U-Roy over there on the Other Side!
ASTRONIMATO ✨ 18 horas atrás
Billy Bondo
Billy Bondo 22 horas atrás
Arthur Karsesnick
Arthur Karsesnick 22 horas atrás
انسى ولاترحل
انسى ولاترحل 23 horas atrás
احب بوب انا ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙋‍♂️
ahmet fatih kap
ahmet fatih kap Dia atrás
Bu şarkı talibana gelsin
Bomama Zohir
Bomama Zohir Dia atrás
شعرو ليس
Ирина Левина
Dont worry,be happy!
Jose albeiro Bermudez castellanos
Esten man nacio pal rege obel rege nacio para el un artista natural
Sumit Reddy
Sumit Reddy Dia atrás
Jake Baker
Jake Baker Dia atrás
Here the thing: I know yesterday you meant well and were going to as promised but had to change course when Zimbabwe got in making its demands. I am going give you 24hrs to show me you are serious and have a plan. Otherwise I am starting with cellphone and cable providers. 24hrs! The guy that installed my latest cable asked too many questions and I he was fishing. You don’t need an hour and half to install cable - and that’s the most innocent case Not proof read, battery low
Em EscoAlv
Em EscoAlv Dia atrás
Thinking of you Mami MellyP love you mo always 4ever B.
Omaha Omahi
Omaha Omahi Dia atrás
RIP Georgie. And thank you for making that fire light. You kept yourself warm and kept the prophet warm as well. Thank you once more for being The Keeper of the Fire. And so many years even after the prophet had left us. Everything's gonna be alright........
Karen Cristina
Karen Cristina Dia atrás
hadj dinar
hadj dinar Dia atrás
Deja a son jeunne age ,un grand artiste ,un phenomene
おきじゅん Dia atrás
No Cry、、、なんだけど、涙がとまらない、、、
Whitney Marks
Whitney Marks Dia atrás
This song is dope
Jake Baker
Jake Baker Dia atrás
There will be no communication from to anyone from now on. The only thing I will do is release the name of a corporation involved in torturing my family all year, at least once a day. Just one every single day, starting tomorrow.
Racelane TV
Racelane TV Dia atrás
2021 blessings
Jake Baker
Jake Baker Dia atrás
Everyone knows you are doing this again because you want them to think I got it wrong the yesterday, which removes pressure from Africans. To won’t work. Everyone knows the truth. So turn my phone back on - WHY BLOCK IT IF NOT ONLY TO STOP THE AFRICANS FROM CALLING ME. Everyone knows there is no baby and you spent all year giving me hell to stop me talking about just like you are still doing with my phone. Which you took after many attempts by me not to tempted by your call and text to change mobile providers It is also why you made Gigi most the smug publication - to suggest she is not worried about what’s going on. Do not contact me. No one is allowed near my home. You wasted that on deception. Not proof read
Racelane TV
Racelane TV Dia atrás
Watching this 2021? I wish that you live long, one love! Amen
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez Dia atrás
Canal Da Raimundinha
Jake Baker
Jake Baker Dia atrás
Your attempt to name Dominos as one of those on the list - failed. They have done nothing wrong to me. I have not evidence my ex actual called them for my son’s dinner. No evidence at all. You can not use that approach with me. You keep doing that over and over for some insane reason. You wanted to catch me on that so you can say if she is wrong about that she is wrong about everything. Turn my phone back on if you are innocent. You blocked it so nobody could call me - I wonder why? Not proof read
Jake Baker
Jake Baker Dia atrás
Jamaica 🇯🇲 too.
Jake Baker
Jake Baker Dia atrás
Looks like the Russians are in. My view
Jake Baker
Jake Baker Dia atrás
Oh, and I hope you know the Africans are printing the TRUTH about this Gigi story on Tuesday - names or not. In other words, with or without me. They only need me for the names only. They made that clear. But the story will be out there. I am sure you saw their video and understood what they were getting at.
Norfolk Enchants
Norfolk Enchants Dia atrás
Best song about condiments ever
Jake Baker
Jake Baker Dia atrás
I hope you realize your initial plan/strategy of frustrating into silence does not work anymore. You now know I know everything. YOUR HAVE ALREADY ADMITTED GUILT TO THE ENTIRE WORLD. The only thing you still have within your control, is how many names I release. The world knows Gigi lied, you can not take that back. That is why Zimbabwe stayed largely silent until yesterday. The moment you admitted, they jumped in. So stop making my life difficult. It’s amazing how you get to pick when and what is acceptable behaviour or cheating is. It’s always when it suits YOU. All year you did illegal unspeakable things to me and my son and SUDDENLY you have a conscience and you have found your moral campus? To the world - the west cares for corporations ONLY and will kill a child for them. The east cares about the people and continue to be there in whatever capacity you allow them. Sort this out or the names are coming.
*Shadaroki* Dia atrás
Rip bob marley
*Shadaroki* Dia atrás
Rest in peace bob Marley
*Shadaroki* Dia atrás
2021 anyone here if u are then your a legend :D
Sven Sonnenkalb
Sven Sonnenkalb Dia atrás
amber police
amber police Dia atrás
Johan Staelens
Johan Staelens Dia atrás
Only Music can lead people to live in peace (Dixit Bob Marley).
Erika Challapa Laura
un clasico :D
Дмитрий Ульянов
От души
An Cailin Deas12
An Cailin Deas12 Dia atrás
"Shoot them before they grow".
Aron Bereket
Aron Bereket Dia atrás
Yall know the first verse of War is Haile Selasie verbatim even Marcus Garvey had speech verbatim. Then bob makes it a protest Anthem . the history of that verse is profound!
Hari Agriana Risnandar
K.D.G Dia atrás
Mellow vibes only
Seewoo Krish
Seewoo Krish Dia atrás
Yataa bod makes pfze😭
Alwin Asuncion
Alwin Asuncion 2 dias atrás
2021 and still lit 🔥
Rapper lover
Rapper lover 2 dias atrás
Rapper lover
Rapper lover 2 dias atrás
Luis Mt
Luis Mt 2 dias atrás
Acender aquela vela de lei, escutando essa lenda.
sadew  JA
sadew JA 2 dias atrás
Consuelo R
Consuelo R 2 dias atrás
LEGEND!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏼
Terrel Samuels
Terrel Samuels 2 dias atrás
Been watching this since VCR 96 6 yrs old Ñever gets old
vitoria mendes
vitoria mendes 2 dias atrás
Gilmar Santos Jr
Gilmar Santos Jr 2 dias atrás
Francisco Santos da Silva
Meu querido para sempre Bob Marley.
Bob Binette
Bob Binette 2 dias atrás
very good merci !!!
THOMAS W 2 dias atrás
I'll See him everyday
Mario Mena
Mario Mena 2 dias atrás
Porro del bueno😌🍃🌫️
Thomasena Russell Russell
Thank you Jah for you loving embrace! 🌅☀️
Svet Kolekcionara
Svet Kolekcionara 2 dias atrás
I hope that you see Mr Bob Marley from heaven what is happening in this world today, send us your love! We still feel your music.
diego Riveira
diego Riveira 2 dias atrás
People have lost good taste in music due to the uprising culture. We must be the one to rejoice it and put it back out there for all generations.
Thomasena Russell Russell
Love! 🌱💗🌳
SQUID 2 dias atrás
Skwaktopus133 2 dias atrás
My favorite Bob Marley song
Newton Manuel
Newton Manuel 2 dias atrás
The voice comes with soul… look at the eyes🔥🥶
Ali Alex
Ali Alex 2 dias atrás
Bob Marley Forever 👌
Mr John
Mr John 2 dias atrás
A New song 👉 👈🏼 info