Bob Marley & The Wailers - High Tide or Low Tide: Save The Children's East Africa Fund 

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Music video by Bob Marley performing High Tide Low Tide: Save The Children's East Africa Fund. (C) 2001 Universal Island Records Ltd. A Universal Music Company.

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22 Jan 2015



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Coach Taylor
Coach Taylor 24 dias atrás
These lyrics come from the book of Isaiah
Nico G
Nico G 2 meses atrás
Brady Densock
Brady Densock 4 meses atrás
Helen Yohannes
Helen Yohannes 7 meses atrás
Powerful video powerful song
Lil Fer
Lil Fer 10 meses atrás
2020 Agosto
Rashard Cole
Rashard Cole 10 meses atrás
One Love🤗
Da Schizo
Da Schizo 11 meses atrás
Riyan Irvani Arazzy
Tengkyu udah bikin karya yang adem bener bob. semoga selalu selaw di surga. Amin
Andyjo Anos atrás
2020 stiil hear ,still tears listening legend 🥺😭
HEYGARTS! Anos atrás
Tears only for people who have soul and love ✌️
Aldo Irfani
Aldo Irfani Anos atrás
Rushdi Ishmail
Rushdi Ishmail Anos atrás
Great track.👌🏾
Love 💙🌊🌊🌊🌊
Coressy Pratama
Coressy Pratama Anos atrás
RIP Robert nesta marley, i send a lot of love from our small island.. Love you full & forever 🌴❤💛💚🙏🏽
Juan Polainas
Juan Polainas Anos atrás
Nunca me a gustado ver sufrir niños me siento mal,
Rushdi Ishmail
Rushdi Ishmail 2 anos atrás
Great song.👌🏾
Christina Azevedo
Christina Azevedo 2 anos atrás
toutlemonderegarde 2 anos atrás
Tears, just tears
Edilsonfreitas Freitas
Tantos com muito e tantos sem nada meu deus daí forças a eles a continuarem vivendo
Nanou Benayoun
Nanou Benayoun 2 anos atrás
Je l'adore Merci du partage Bisous de France ❤ Mon fiancé écouté BOB depuis son adolescence & l'aime profondément 👍💪 Christophe Da Silva
onurks 2 anos atrás
c allen.
c allen. 3 anos atrás
The words people So powerful as i lost my mother.. And i can relate to rhis song and how holy Roberts mother was .. Pounds of respect from IRELAND....
william mcintyre
william mcintyre 3 anos atrás
The Amazing thing about Bob Marley is this. In my whole 50 years on this planet I have never met anyone that does not love Bob Marley.
william mcintyre
william mcintyre 3 anos atrás
This track would melt the heart Satan. Bless you Nesta for this wonderful piece of music
Saurjya Bhattacharjee
Saurjya Bhattacharjee 3 anos atrás
Babylon did this to us although we never did them no harm...oh lord guide & protect us
Fadhil Mohd
Fadhil Mohd 3 anos atrás
Riccardo Er Laziale
Riccardo Er Laziale 3 anos atrás
Great Bob my brother
Phazza 3 anos atrás
I’m in tears man
charlene freemon
charlene freemon 3 anos atrás
Phazza Phazzaaa i cry to when I first saw this video & I still cry when I watch it
Aline Marcantonio
Aline Marcantonio 3 anos atrás
o cara não veio a terra a toa .... deixou a mensagem de amor a todos
Johnny Ribbz
Johnny Ribbz 3 anos atrás
Long live Robert Nesta marley
ras jedi
ras jedi 3 anos atrás
This is not about bob
Icaro Vetere
Icaro Vetere 3 anos atrás
I duno why 53 ppl dislike this... I wish I were rich to help these ppl...
Martin Campbell
Martin Campbell 3 anos atrás
Fucking disgrace only the rich get richer rip Bob Marley thanks for trying u did your best
jay low
jay low 3 anos atrás
Why am i crying
charlene freemon
charlene freemon 3 anos atrás
I totally feel bad for my people who is in Africa doing anything to feel their child. I promise when I am finish on working becoming an archeologist I am helping my African brothers and sisters
Nis Gsail
Nis Gsail Anos atrás
Love it, im a white guy 32 years old from holland. And im thinking alot of times what can i do to help the people in need in afrika? If i can do something let me know.
Antonio Flores
Antonio Flores 3 anos atrás
charlene freemon best coment ever! Full positive vibe for you 🌠
Royk Groningen
Royk Groningen 4 anos atrás
This made me crying, fuck the world give the children a good life and the people of africa. All they do is making money money and they don't think on an other person ! tears tears when will it change !!
ImMeWhoAreYou? 4 anos atrás
This made me cry thinking no matter how we send aid and funds the same people(government) sending the aid are letting it go to crooked politicians who never let it reach these beautiful souls. 😔 im ashamed to call myself a human living in this prison we call "freedom".
Amanda Jane Weller
Amanda Jane Weller 4 anos atrás
Amen. Please Jah look over Your Children. Am crying for Our World. Sending Love & Light. Selah.
ewin carter
ewin carter 4 anos atrás
i feel so sad for them.........God pleez help africa😭
ewin carter
ewin carter 4 anos atrás
i feel so sad for them.........God pleez help africa😭
fluffballhead 4 anos atrás
tosh and wailers harmonies. tosh low vocals during the verses. song is so beautiful. I'm almost in tears.
Lourdes Lady
Lourdes Lady 4 anos atrás
One of the most beautiful songs ever created. ♥ Thank you for music and inspiration sir Bob.
Misael Droguett Gómez
BOB MARLEY - REGGAE (The Video Is Beautiful)
Sandro Roots
Sandro Roots 4 anos atrás
Jah Bless
NARUTO GAMES 4 anos atrás
R3b2 2ber
R3b2 2ber 4 anos atrás
best song ever.
Amer Yonis
Amer Yonis 4 anos atrás
RIP Bob marley I respect you not just as a singer but as a truth teller ... you still gaining fans from everywhere Love and Peace _ ;(
EBsss Bass
EBsss Bass 4 anos atrás
que o Eterno Deus de Israel tenha misericórdia da África e que a África reconheça que o Messias es o filho do Deus vivo.
Misael Droguett Gómez
Bob Marley ✊
Nate Lev
Nate Lev 4 anos atrás
The Truth of life = true bliss. Google "Truthcontest".
Alex Desmall
Alex Desmall 4 anos atrás
assburgers Tammy truth doesn't come from google or from any material thing.
Floyd Smith
Floyd Smith 4 anos atrás
chanting..Marley, Marley.."high tide or low tide, I'll be by your side"..
José Sonda
José Sonda 4 anos atrás
mrcs 4 anos atrás
ruim mesmo é o proprio homem. gastando milhões com guerras, e continua a saber cenas tristes como essa. quando o homem reparar qe a raça é o homem e nao a cor, talvez tenhamos chance. Jah Love Protect Us !
lucia santos
lucia santos 4 anos atrás
Verdade Carla
Carla Gabriela
Carla Gabriela 4 anos atrás
Uma pessoa como bob marley merecia vida longa para ensinar a muita gente que nos todos somos iguais eque dinheiro nao etrudo
Naiandy G
Naiandy G 5 anos atrás
youtourismoto 5 anos atrás
broke my heart
Ranyere Carvalho Oliver
this video retract the reality of africa are at music of king of reggae Bob Marley, Rip Bob
alberto 5 anos atrás
isso é sofrimento o verdadeiro,n as merdinha q agente fica reclamando
alberto 5 anos atrás
uma das poucas coisas que fizeram chorar ...
alberto 5 anos atrás
Gervásio Ngongola
Gervásio Ngongola 5 anos atrás
Uma pessoa que morreu para nos ensinar como devemos viver em irmão
Marina Rajao
Marina Rajao 5 anos atrás
😢🗻 que triste
Nikberlin Cabrera
Nikberlin Cabrera 5 anos atrás
Josue Martins
Josue Martins 5 anos atrás
senti um nó na garganta
Josue Martins
Josue Martins 4 anos atrás
+Samara Salles o mundo é hipócrita. Enquanto um simples jogador de futebol ganha uma fortuna esse povo sofre nas mãos da guerra, fome e sede.
Samara Salles
Samara Salles 4 anos atrás
tmb senti um aperto no peito
Charles Mcbride
Charles Mcbride 5 anos atrás
I'm in tears. I love you Nesta Robert Marley.
Royk Groningen
Royk Groningen 4 anos atrás
i'm with you hope it change soon !! tears for those people who suffer so hard :-(
Winston C Ramsahai
Winston C Ramsahai 5 anos atrás
Bought tears to my eyes, Bob was a true Caribbean Icon, His personal doctor in Miamiwas also our friend RIP Bob. May The Lord Bless his soul
Life as Zara
Life as Zara 5 anos atrás
I always cry when I hear this song...
Ammar mohammed
Ammar mohammed 5 anos atrás
Ammar mohammed
Ammar mohammed 5 anos atrás
+Hidde van der Maas I just loved that cader (frame).
hiddeous' thoughts
hiddeous' thoughts 5 anos atrás
what's at 1:10?
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez 5 anos atrás
TheBest Video
TheBest Video 5 anos atrás
Why are black people in such a situation ???? Which century ?? !!! This definitely needs to solve !! The whole world
tohamy ezz
tohamy ezz 5 anos atrás
Rest in Peace Legend of Peace +Bob Marley
Zoe Simpson
Zoe Simpson 6 anos atrás
I am a Jamaican he born in Jamaica he die long time ago and he have children.
Nelson Batista
Nelson Batista 6 anos atrás
A música de nina de meu bebê.
Sandy Pessonia
Sandy Pessonia 3 anos atrás
Nelson Batista idem
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 6 anos atrás
Dreadandsensi 6 anos atrás
High tide or in low tide... Jah will provide
Jonathan Pickard
Jonathan Pickard 4 anos atrás
Dreadandsensi Amen!
Dadan Gulei
Dadan Gulei 6 anos atrás
I love you bob marley
Luiz Eduardo
Luiz Eduardo 6 anos atrás
rei ... rei da musica, King Bob :´[
Marcelo A.F.M
Marcelo A.F.M 6 anos atrás
@BobMarleyVEVO @Bob Marley @Bob Marley @Bob Marley . @Bob Marley @Bob Marley @BoB MaRLeY CaN't @BobMarley @Bob Marley FanPage @One Drop Redemption Bob Marley Tribute @bob marley SAIU MÚSICA NOVA, NO MEU CANAL, HOMENAGEM AO BOB MARLEY, VEJA LÁ NA HUMILDADE, QUEM GOSTAR PODE COMPARTILHAR EM SUAS REDES SOCIAIS, SE INSCREVA - SE》》 @Canal Marcelo A.F.M)) NO MEU CANAL, NA HUMILDADE.
Viviane F
Viviane F 6 anos atrás
God guide and protect us
Shawn Gayle
Shawn Gayle 6 anos atrás
Save the Children
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