Bob Marley & The Wailers - No Woman, No Cry (Live At The Rainbow 4th June 1977) 

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Bob Marley \u0026 The Wailers "No Woman, No Cry" (Live At The Rainbow 4th June 1977), now remastered in HD. Subscribe to the channel to never miss an update:

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9 Jun 2020



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Comentários 0   
jhon PEREZ
jhon PEREZ 15 minutos atrás
Lo mas puro no hay otro mejor
Esenildo Oliveira
Esenildo Oliveira 2 horas atrás
É muito difícil não gostar da música de Marley..🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Zuper Mac
Zuper Mac 2 horas atrás
Will mother earth become giant spaceboulder when sun goes out? Makes me wanna cry.
denis parat
denis parat 4 horas atrás
77 belle année
Ansula Goyari
Ansula Goyari 5 horas atrás
June 2021?
Chanel Seni Ketangkasan Domba Garut
Lord reggae
Grande música,top top top,eterna...
Uzzal Kanoo
Uzzal Kanoo 12 horas atrás
There's no substitute for this song.. .. L E G E N D..
prabowo presidenku
Mantapp i am from indonesia🇮🇩
Lavender Raine
Lavender Raine Dia atrás
First heard this when I was eleven years old in the mid 1970s and have Loved Bob Marley ever since. I must have been the only little white girl listening to this on the London council estate where I grew up. All the other little girls were listening to The Osmonds and David Cassidy, but for me it was Bob Marley and his Wailers.
You're Sheep
You're Sheep Dia atrás
No "music artist" today could compete with this kind of raw, true talent.
Call me Jd
Call me Jd 17 horas atrás
I swear
Dominic Fagalyiluy
You get to know through his songs
Big Pagodão
Big Pagodão Dia atrás
Brasil porra
helen zapari
helen zapari 2 dias atrás
Still missing him 2021
Brenda Meadows
Brenda Meadows 2 dias atrás
No one can come close. One of a kind. Love love him until the end. Thanks Bob I'm BM too. 🙏🇯🇲❤
Brenda Meadows
Brenda Meadows 2 dias atrás
I can never get tired of hear Bob Marley. Love always.
Solange Maria Da Costa Borges
Bob Marley ,eterno queridinho🎤🎶✨♥️
Света Новицкая
Это красиво.
CEDJ101 2 dias atrás
Legend. There is truth in this man
Andrew M
Andrew M 2 dias atrás
Hell is seeing a comments section about Bob Marley.
Lavender Raine
Lavender Raine Dia atrás
AKAPS DIY Tales 2 dias atrás
I hate you
Agung Dev Malik
Agung Dev Malik 2 dias atrás
Jacob Naval
Jacob Naval 2 dias atrás
In some part of our life the song is true "no woman no cry"
Roxanne Carpenter
Roxanne Carpenter 2 dias atrás
Nobody had or has, his riches!
Lori Hemphill
Lori Hemphill 2 dias atrás
An absolute inspiration. Love his quote....some people are so poor, all they have is money. Amen, brother!!!
Dominic Fagalyiluy
His rich is not about money..its the people around him and the ones whos struggling the most...go Bob👍
Lori Adams
Lori Adams 2 dias atrás
💜 💜
Silvio gomes da Silva Gomes
Um dos maiores músico do planeta
Lana Campbell-Moore
Lana Campbell-Moore 3 dias atrás
beru85 3 dias atrás
france et fier , merci , ma jeunesse et vecu avec bob toute ma vie pour son message de paix !
Aysu Seleker
Aysu Seleker 3 dias atrás
Teşekkürler 🙏❤🙏
Arith Ganegoda
Arith Ganegoda 3 dias atrás
Best live performer Bob Marley..
T.I. 3 dias atrás
Antoine Renard
Antoine Renard 3 dias atrás
🇬🇳🇯🇲🙏😇🙏merci à bob marlly
Pleybo. Inc
Pleybo. Inc 4 dias atrás
esse backing vocal perfeito
Pedro Pablo Escobar
Pedro Pablo Escobar 4 dias atrás
Para todos los talibanes de porterville cal.93257 que se quedaron con las ganas de meterme ala cárcel de por vida
Christian Schleifer
Christian Schleifer 4 dias atrás
Wir Mädchen mögen Spitzenpower von das Meadchennefhwerk
Anak Langit
Anak Langit 4 dias atrás
Hebat bro lagune enak
Zubi 5 dias atrás
Wow....❤️❤️ My first song of Bob Marley....❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sedentary Wanderer
Sedentary Wanderer 5 dias atrás
Bob Marley is great, but the real stars of this live version are the backup singers.
Alex Tornea
Alex Tornea 5 dias atrás
bob Marley forever ❤
Hanggay Rosan
Hanggay Rosan 5 dias atrás
Song that i remember still alone....
Rawon 5 dias atrás
Rawon 5 dias atrás
Ayanabh Paul
Ayanabh Paul 5 dias atrás
Thanks to youtube to give us this experience ❤️
DINIZ KLEIN 6 dias atrás
Do Brasil, deixo aqui o meu amor a essa obra lindíssima da música. Que lindo, que belo, viva Bob Marley. 07 de junho de 2021
T.I. 3 dias atrás
Mano verdade tenho 26 anos de idade, amor essa. Música Canto ela bem alto Bob Marley era Foda ,
ポンセパオロ 6 dias atrás
Vicqi Sultan
Vicqi Sultan 6 dias atrás
because alip ba ta cover no woman no cry.. alipers indonesia nyasar kesini mantap 👍
Maja vlog
Maja vlog 6 dias atrás
The next limbad
Nelson Cokanasiga
Nelson Cokanasiga 6 dias atrás
God sent Bob Marley for the Generation
Gracie Tyndale
Gracie Tyndale 7 dias atrás
He is the best of the best. True words.
Marcos Jesus
Marcos Jesus 7 dias atrás
Linda canção👍!
teweone rap
teweone rap 8 dias atrás
Slownong Boy
Slownong Boy 8 dias atrás
Marley Wc gawe ados 🍀🔥
Khongelani Junior
Khongelani Junior 8 dias atrás
For my riches is life, forever! A legend.🌍🙏🏾♥️🌆
Douglas Brito
Douglas Brito 8 dias atrás
Rasta Man...
gliceria alves do nascimento
Boby Marley pra sempre . Obrigada Marley .
Sport & Games
Sport & Games 8 dias atrás
4 june 1997-4 june 2021🇮🇩👍
Md Masud
Md Masud 8 dias atrás
May God's give you Peace,,,,,,,, my favorites singer ,,,,Bob Marley,,,, Respect to bob marley,,,,,,,
gaurav bose
gaurav bose 8 dias atrás
The funny piccolo coherently man because jewel immuhistochemically pump concerning a wise engineer. vengeful, necessary poland
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez 8 dias atrás
People call this reggae roots but all i see is a man preaching with all of his SOUL... This is soul music w lots of groove and flavor in it...
Bassem 69
Bassem 69 8 dias atrás
Bob Marley ❤️❤️❤️
Sandra Maria Parente Marques
Amo essa música!!🎵🎵🎧
Rachid Hadire
Rachid Hadire 9 dias atrás
لا امرأة لا تبكي Bob Marley el mejor de todos
Edinaldo Alves
Edinaldo Alves 9 dias atrás
Eterno Bob Marley ✌️✌️✌️✌️
Joel frrancois
Joel frrancois 9 dias atrás
Compas haitien
Asaduzzaman Nur
Asaduzzaman Nur 9 dias atrás
Bob Marley 💙❤️
다다름 9 dias atrás
노 우먼 노 크라이..^^
Jesse Broughton
Jesse Broughton 9 dias atrás
Everything gonna 😉👍
Mr.NgopreX 9 dias atrás
Zwandior 9 dias atrás
Jean Mota
Jean Mota 9 dias atrás
Lendário Bob Marley ❤️
louiandrews 10 dias atrás
one day I wish there could be peace around the world no worries no arguments no violence but that day won't come but bob marley assured us we will one day
Tercio Augusto
Tercio Augusto 10 dias atrás
Big Marley❤️
Alfi Diyan
Alfi Diyan 10 dias atrás
Satia Raj
Satia Raj 10 dias atrás
WE love you forever the legend Bob marley🇲🇨🇸🇳
KIKI Q 10 dias atrás
You know it's great singers when they sing with their eyes shut. Deep & true feeling... my favorite guy Bob Marley 🎸🎶
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz 10 dias atrás
Una figura legendaria que se fue luego de conseguir lo que para él era lo más importante ... La igualdad en su país. Eres una leyenda Bob Marley y lo serás por la eternidad. RIP.
Selva Kumar
Selva Kumar 10 dias atrás
Resting in peace 🙏
Юрий Анатольевич
Andy C
Andy C 11 dias atrás
First few words in and goosebumps hair al up what a tune no 1 make music u feel as much as Bob pure genius ✌️✌️
Yudha Pramanita
Yudha Pramanita 11 dias atrás
No, woman no cry!
Riskawati Sejati
Riskawati Sejati 11 dias atrás
I love u Bob marley
ريف توداي
ريف توداي 12 dias atrás
Bob marley..éternel légende indémodable
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh 12 dias atrás
A prophet of a musician.
马韬 12 dias atrás
my rich is life ,fover
magaia magaia
magaia magaia 13 dias atrás
jgf 13 dias atrás
Nih lagu kesukaannya Tukul arwana 🤣🤣🤣
José Weber
José Weber 14 dias atrás
Não chore Mais! Sem comentários! Toca o ❤️
José Weber
José Weber 14 dias atrás
Fora de série. Linda linda linda!
Roberto Lima
Roberto Lima 14 dias atrás
Bob sempre foi o rei do regaae . Zigge e sterph e os principes jamaica sempre feliz . musica eterna
dwi arta gunawan 04
dwi arta gunawan 04 14 dias atrás
Lagend 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍
仙元友之 14 dias atrás
やっぱり刺さるわなー 好きやった人出てくるわ 幸せであれ!
Lavan 14 dias atrás
My God how much I loved this man.
Handel Taufalele
Handel Taufalele 14 dias atrás
WOW 04.06.1977 is my Wife date of birth.
Vagner Muller
Vagner Muller 14 dias atrás
Oi amobobo mArle
boy scout
boy scout 15 dias atrás
No brandy no braai
Иван Дулин
Иван Дулин 15 dias atrás
Нож вам в печень, Боб Марлин вечен!
Wild Bill
Wild Bill 15 dias atrás
June 4th was my dad's birthday. Died 9/14 at 85. Miss him every day. 6/4/77 dad was 48. Who doesn't love anyone with this much passion and good will towards mankind?
Wild Bill
Wild Bill 15 dias atrás
I just watched the 2 1/2 hour documentary of Bob's life. Waaaaaaay to short his life was. Shit, 36 years. I'm almost twice that and it seems like yesterday I was a teen.
Flávia Marçal
Flávia Marçal 15 dias atrás
29/05/2021 : Na pandemia ouvindo Marley com minha mãe ❤ Vibe boa 🙌🍀
Salomão Gomes. Gomes.
Salomão Gomes. Gomes. 16 dias atrás
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