Bob Marley & The Wailers - Redemption Song 

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The Redemption Song video was created by French artists Octave Marsal \u0026 Theo De Gueltzl. Marsal \u0026 De Gueltzl’s breathtaking animation, featuring 2747 original drawings, uses powerful symbols to amplify the magnitude of the song’s timeless lyrics and importance in today’s world. The video highlights Bob’s contribution to the empowerment of black civilization, as well as his manifestation of hope and recovery for all mankind. Inspired by Bob’s homeland of Jamaica, as well as insights received from his family, the artistic approach was to illustrate the imaginary world of Bob Marley in a way that highly stimulates self-reflection.

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Produced by: Fabien Moreau
Line Producer: Mathematic

Music video by Bob Marley \u0026 The Wailers performing Redemption Song. © 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc., Courtesy of Island Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises



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Comentários 0   
H K P 4 horas atrás
👏👏👏👏👏👏😍arte perfeita!!!🇧🇷
The T
The T 2 dias atrás
Thanks for Hindi lyrics Love from INDIA 🇮🇳
Doreena Durham
Doreena Durham 3 dias atrás
I love Bob with all my heart through eternity
Tornike Qutateladze
Tornike Qutateladze 3 dias atrás
Ayeswarya T D
Ayeswarya T D 6 dias atrás
I am from India ❤️❤️❤️Bob Marley
Diana Caffa
Diana Caffa 7 dias atrás
JohnQuincy Adams
JohnQuincy Adams 10 dias atrás
Maxxsas 10 dias atrás
Okay so listen to this as Bob's last message to the world, he wrote this masterpiece when he had cancer and knew he was going to leave us.
Xaniyah Morris
Xaniyah Morris 10 dias atrás
BearyBears 10 dias atrás
Thanks for the upload, Bob!
Rex97 11 dias atrás
Truly a song of freedom. Every time I listen to this, my mind is literally free from stress. 😌
Joshua Priestley
Joshua Priestley 12 dias atrás
Thank you may God bless you
Mick Corbett
Mick Corbett 14 dias atrás
Bob’s music lives on into perpetuity. Long live Bob. RIP.
Not Interested
Not Interested 15 dias atrás
I was not high when I watched this song but the animation made me feel giggly and happy with listening to the music . good vibes
Soul on Fire
Soul on Fire 16 dias atrás
Patricia O'Neil
Patricia O'Neil 17 dias atrás
D Z 17 dias atrás
Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Won’t you help to sing these songs of freedom. So relevant then and strangely more so now in 2021.
jaimedolcesinnersole 18 dias atrás
This is such a beautiful song and I think it's incredible how many versions there are available on BRdesk that say "Bob Marley" but are NOT Bob Marley singing this song.. even though the song is beautiful,regardless, people need to wake up and actually listen to the voice and to the music and not just obey and accept the digital,virtual "information" they are being fed..
Robert Fullone
Robert Fullone 19 dias atrás
Forgive those who came before?
Puppenbühne Bauchkribbeln
A he he
A he he 20 dias atrás
None of us are going to free ourselves from mental slavery , or are we ?? !!
Andrés Barahona Contreras
I writed a comment under another account time ago with a prayer that born from this song and this video... But was censored. Now I want to say this son os freedom sp0ke the truth with 0 instead of O, because ZER0 has it as G0D and 👁️🕳️ #particlecentrism #complexreality #rvgeneralist I'm tired to live in LIE, WAKE UP
juliet 21 dia atrás
I hope the person who killed BM is in 3 millenia of purgatory
Empress Judith Smith
Empress Judith Smith 23 dias atrás
ORIGINAL!!! Thank you for this!
Ryan Layne
Ryan Layne 24 dias atrás
rip the epileptic ppl trying to watching the animation
Nannette Moe
Nannette Moe 25 dias atrás
Tears at what we have lost due to the greed of a few.
Kurt Vanasse
Kurt Vanasse 25 dias atrás
You too ty
parijal 25 dias atrás
old pirates, yes, they rob I
Sharon Badroe
Sharon Badroe 26 dias atrás
Keyton Stigler
Keyton Stigler 27 dias atrás
His music and message is so beautiful
Luis Roberto Guerrero Luna
I dont fear Watson AND Creek. Cause none of them can't stop the time
Shayna Sheikh
Shayna Sheikh 29 dias atrás
The animation is phenomenal!!
Tom Quixote
Tom Quixote Mês atrás
Religions = The Real Enemy
Nathan Jena
Nathan Jena Mês atrás
I can't imagine why/how anyone could ever dislike this song...
Luzia Dalila
Luzia Dalila Mês atrás
Vilma Regina Ramos Vilma
Amo todas as músicas do Marley
Sonja Dietz
Sonja Dietz Mês atrás
Dave Rychling
Dave Rychling Mês atrás
Happy Earth Strong
Paulette Washington
Eternally MARLEY AMAZING ✨💫💖🌝🤲🤗🙄😌🌛🌞!!!
AQUA iFizl
AQUA iFizl Mês atrás
the intro is fire
ROB BARKER Mês atrás
All Praise Due To This Prophet 🙏
Kelvin Kiprop
Kelvin Kiprop Mês atrás
You are a legend if you are still listening to the legend himself in 2021. Let me see your thumbs up as we celebrate 40 years since he went to be with Jah.
Maria Diva Ferreira
💞🎸✨A como é verdade o que o 💞Bob Marley tá cantado ,eu ama ouvir as músicas. dele...🎸✨🌷
Mudhar Hadi
Mudhar Hadi Mês atrás
FREE Palestine ...
play36inaday greenskeeperbear
But my hand was made strong. By the hand of the Almighty.
Brian Stears
Brian Stears Mês atrás
So good we will be listening to this till my death an humanity will never stop listening till the end of time
Régis Carvalho
Régis Carvalho Mês atrás
Just discovered this video. Now I can't stop crying. Love from Brazil 🇯🇲🇯🇲
Régis Carvalho
Régis Carvalho Mês atrás
My granddad gave me the Uprising album when I turned 15. Im 53 now and Redemption Song is still my favorite. Im crying like a baby.Thanks for this jewelry. Best wishes to all brothers and sisters around the world.
Jose Salazar
Jose Salazar Mês atrás
Live forever!!!
Katie Campbell
Katie Campbell Mês atrás
I had my son Kingston & Bob Marley is the only thing that makes him calm down. He’s 6 weeks old. How ironic.
bwiz Mês atrás
Its got less views than skip marley her slow down HOW
Pino Fabiano
Pino Fabiano Mês atrás
Bob Marley morì di cancro la mattina dell'11 maggio 1981. Aveva soltanto 36 anni. A distanza di 40 anni dalla morte, la sua musica continua a irradiare una grande bellezza e la potenza di un messaggio universale.
ronald ferreira
ronald ferreira Mês atrás
Cadê a Maloka De Feira De Santana BA- Rpz Bota As Cara 🎶😎👍
GUY FAWKES Mês atrás
Grand respect. Magnifique.
Ambient Tube
Ambient Tube Mês atrás
Lovely song 💚💚 Who’s listening in 2021
Estoes Inútil
Estoes Inútil Mês atrás
The art of this video is incredible
Angela Peters
Angela Peters Mês atrás
Yes truly. A legend till Jesus comes
marischaotica Mês atrás
Marvelous clip🥰
Oviarobo Godstime
Oviarobo Godstime Mês atrás
My hero
Dave Beach
Dave Beach Mês atrás
A creation for the ages. Powerful in its simplicity, addressing issues that always require people's efforts to fight.
虞骏豪 Mês atrás
把你自己从精神奴役中解放出来 只有我们自己才能解放我们的思想 “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery None but ourselves can free our minds” 摘录来自: Tara Westover. “Educated。” Apple Books.
Gale Devito
Gale Devito Mês atrás
Peace and Happiness
Jurgen Salas
Jurgen Salas Mês atrás
Quíen 2021?
Daniel Crowley
Daniel Crowley Mês atrás
I like how prophets is plural.
J Kaw
J Kaw Mês atrás
such great feeling in his voice. now he's up there in heaven and he is up there in heaven singing with all the greats of music...RIP Bob Marley
Gabriel Mcpherson
Gabriel Mcpherson Mês atrás
This song has a very strong message. I just know what message is in it. Thank you Legendary Bob. You've certainly helped opened my mind and from mental slavery. Thank you.
Armand Foumane
Armand Foumane Mês atrás
He means every word in this song, it pierces my heart so deep!🎶❤
Robert Prest
Robert Prest Mês atrás
Liked the vid
Clout 9
Clout 9 Mês atrás
martin luther wasnt a prophet. just saying..
Moonbeam Goddess
Moonbeam Goddess Mês atrás
If anybody who disliked this song, hear my words of wisdom "you need to get a life and enlightenment".
Moonbeam Goddess
Moonbeam Goddess Mês atrás
justme moosme
justme moosme Mês atrás
*consider it done* -me
justme moosme
justme moosme Mês atrás
Corstian Marel
Corstian Marel Mês atrás
So beautifull
grtgrt Mês atrás
So we're definitely getting more Chappelle's Show now, right?
ABardInBali Mês atrás
I know you are singing this Bob, right in me ear donatties, deep down to ma tattieeeesss, in de extra stereotypical JAH voice, eva ry a time de T Sherry hima gimme de ‘one love’ (STOP, you’re a bloody savage Music God Bob StOoOOOOop❣️) Yes, touché to you universe, tank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuU
Shiyu Cheng
Shiyu Cheng Mês atrás
Old pirates, yes, they rob I Sold I to the merchant ships Minutes after they took I From the bottomless pit But my hand was made strong By the hand of the Almighty We forward in this generation Triumphantly Won't you help to sing These songs of freedom? 'Cause all I ever have Redemption songs Redemption songs Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery None but ourselves can free our minds Have no fear for atomic energy 'Cause none of them can stop the time How long shall they kill our prophets While we stand aside and look? Ooh Some say it's just a part of it We've got to fullfil the book
Kris King
Kris King Mês atrás
How can u dislike this song
Allen Perry
Allen Perry Mês atrás
If you read this I hope god blesses your life and protects you
Lucelia Tavares
Lucelia Tavares Mês atrás
I love Bob
Zachary Bobb
Zachary Bobb Mês atrás
bob marley is the legend
don kendez
don kendez Mês atrás
Sir jah i beg redeem us Amen 💯
早川衆平 Mês atrás
Words from an enlightened man. A god.
Chen Hadad Tamarin
Chen Hadad Tamarin Mês atrás
Not even one woman in this greeat animation?
woofielove1970 Mês atrás
0:45 Halle Selassie lol #loser
Gregory Kiehne
Gregory Kiehne Mês atrás
My only strength in this life is redemption songs,thank you iron lion of zion
Kristen Heather Ei-Star
Humans are the worst thing to ever happen to Gaia and if apocalypse happens soon I’d not be surprised ...Especially Hollywood and Washington DC. I’m not even religious
Leafs Fan
Leafs Fan Mês atrás
Miss you my friend one love ❤️
Agirlhasnoname 1
Agirlhasnoname 1 Mês atrás
Amazing animation, and Bob Marley's voice; im in heaven! Seriously, this animation is really beautiful....
Grace Peace now
Grace Peace now Mês atrás
Redeem my sweet Christ my Lord I love you;
Brenda Ruscigno
Brenda Ruscigno Mês atrás
Ok RINOs are YOU ready? Because if you are stupid enough to say the only thing I meant by this song is that I sit around and smoke pot all day long and that I dont believe in Jeshua because you are such a damn legalist you cant pull your head out of your bum long enough to know Queen of the South was not a goat, you deserve to be fined or imprisoned for stupidity.
Brenda Ruscigno
Brenda Ruscigno Mês atrás
Ok Liberals, are YOU ready? Because if you are so ignorant that you think Bob Marley was claiming to be with the South of the civil war in the USA, you deserve to be fined for stupidity.
Richard Ramjohn
Richard Ramjohn Mês atrás
One magnificent song about conquering demons from the outside n inside.. This beautifull gem is the celebration of struggles n freedom by a beautifull soul that left his love letter for the world❤️🌍
Bob ❤️
AG Sauce
AG Sauce Mês atrás
This song goes to arthur morgan
Meteoro Fallen
Meteoro Fallen Mês atrás
Hannah Oron
Hannah Oron 2 meses atrás
This song is the universal anthem of all the African-something people, maybe even of all the downtrodden people in the world. There is enormous power in the simplicity of this song! Awesome. Jah Bless!!!
Om Tare
Om Tare 2 meses atrás
Eine so erbärmliche Seele bringt zu meinem geistigen Bruder so , so hässliche Bilder? Geh weg, so weit Du kannst!
Hey There
Hey There 2 meses atrás
This is amazing work. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Harold Fiedler
Harold Fiedler 2 meses atrás
A truly fantastic song no matter how many times I listen to it. And to think this was one of the last songs he wrote and sang. I imagine all the incredible songs that we will never get the chance to hear. That is a truly sad thought.
Good human be happy
Good human be happy 2 meses atrás
Great song
Cacique Zumbi
Cacique Zumbi 2 meses atrás
Olinda PE 🇧🇷 2021
Sasha Adams
Sasha Adams 2 meses atrás
This song make brave when I am Afraid.
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